Jon is a passionate and ambitious young composer and orchestrator who has for the last 7 years written trailer music for a number of musical production companies in the United Kingdom such as JW Media Music and Audio Network.

As well as composing, he is an accomplished percussionist after featuring in many orchestras across the country and an adept drummer having played in a wide range of ensembles of all genres of music such as Jazz, Rock, Pop for many years.

Credits include recordings at Abbey Road studios.








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  1. Hi Jon! I didn’t think you would be so young actually, but it proves you’re really really talented. Keep on your hard work, I’ve listen to your album previews and they are unique. Love them and gonna buy them as soon as possible. You look serious and determined. I will need someone serious and who loves his job to work with for some promo trailers in the future. I look forward to your next tracks. Congrats for your debut! See you soon.

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